GO/A Architects, Inc.


Colleges & Universities:

Office/ Computer Lab Remodel
11,180 s.f.,  Scott Hall & River Commons, UW Oshkosh, WI

Ag Hall Office Remodel
4,840 s.f.,  UW-Madison, Madison, WI

Holt Commons Dining Hall Remodel
5,150 s.f.,  UW-Madison, Madison, WI

Classroom Remodel
1,335 s.f.,  MATC, Madison, WI

Laundry Room Remodel
1,490 s.f.,  Elizebeth Waters Hall, UW Madison, WI

Laundry Room Remodel
1,180 s.f.,  Showerman & Swenson Halls, UW Madison, WI

K-12 Schools:

Front Office Renovation
1,700 s.f.,  Sugar Creek Elementary School, Verona, WI

Science Room Renovation
2,523 s.f.,  Kromery Middle School, Middleton, WI

Classroom Renovations
Selected Areas,  West Middleton Elementary, Middleton, WI

Exterior & ADA Renovations
Various Schools,  Madison Metro School District, Madison, WI

Toilet Remodels
844 s.f.,  Sauk Trail Elementary, Middleton, WI

Dyslexic Learning Center Build Out
1,100 s.f.,  Wisconsin Ave., Madison, WI

Classroom Remodel
1,740 s.f.,  Department of Corrections, Wales, WI

We understand that academic environments are not a simple collection of classrooms but a complex organization of interactive learning environments. Our staff strives to understand the special requirements and role of each within the school. We organize and structure your requirements in an information gathering process that results in buildings that facilitate and foster the learning process.