GO/A Architects, Inc.


Senior Housing

Our projects strive to provide a retirement community that fosters a smooth transition from independent to assisted living. Our goal is to create a living environment that preserves and maintains relationships that have developed between the residents, the staff, and each other.


17-unit CBRF Renovation
8,286 s.f.,  WI Veterans Home, Union Grove, WI

84-unit RCAC Addition
81,639 s.f. +Sub Garage,  E. Moline, IL

RCAC Common Areas Renovation & Addition
1.082 s.f.,  E. Moline, IL

Therapy Pool Addition
859 s.f.,  Skaalen Nursing Home, Stoughton, WI

49-unit RCAC & Independent Living Facility
51,769 s.f. +Sub Garage,  Cottage Grove, WI

15 Unit CBRF Renovation
12,472 s.f.,  Skaalen Nursing Home, Stoughton, WI

88-unit RCAC & Independent Living Facility
79,121 s.f.,  Waupaca, WI

48-unit RCAC & Independent Living Facility
42,615 s.f.,  Nekoosa, WI

24-unit RCAC Facility
19,083 s.f.,  Neillsville, WI

56-unit Assisted Living & Independent Living Facility
64,245 s.f. +Sub Garage,  Mendota, IL

38-unit RCAC Facility
46,655 s.f.,  Monroe, WI

24-unit RCAC Facility
19,083 s.f.,  Colby, WI

12-unit Assisted Living & Independent Living Addition
(Design Only)  16,812 s.f.,  Mendota, IL