GO/A Architects, Inc.


Office Buildings:

Office & R&D Buildings
187,110 s.f.,  Anderson St., Madison, WI

Office Building
41,740 s.f.,  Evergreen Dr., Appleton, WI

Office Building
23,517 s.f.,  River Pl., Monona, WI

Office Building
19,225 s.f.,  Research Way, Middleton, WI

Office Building (Design Only)
15,180 s.f.,  Brendon Ave., Fitchburg, WI

Office Interior Renovations:

Real Estate Office Tenant Build Out
3,160 s.f.,  E. Washington Ave., Madison, WI

Real Estate Office Tenant Build Out
9,905 s.f.,  Milton Ave., Janesville, WI

Compuware Office Tenant Build Out
20,000 s.f.,  River Pl., Monona, WI

USGA Office Tenant Build Out
19,225 s.f.,  Research Way, Middleton, WI

Ag Hall Office Tenant Build Out
4,840 s.f.,  UW-Madison, Madison, WI

Office Tenant Build Out
1,600 s.f.,  Century Ave, Middleton, WI

Mixed-Use Facilities:

Apartment & Office Building
12,220 s.f.,  South Ridge Way, Middleton, WI

Apartment & Office Building
116,670 s.f.,  Main St., Oshkosh, WI

Office & R&D Buildings (5 Total)
187,110 s.f.,  Anderson St., Madison, WI

Child Care Facilities:

Day Care Building (Design Only)
10,580 s.f.,  Hwy 151, Mount Horeb, WI

Day Care Renovation
2,058 s.f.,  Greenway Cross, Madison, WI

Eagle Heights Child Care Addition & Renovation
15,258 & 11,140 s.f.,  UW-Madison, Madison, WI

Shopping Centers / Retail:

Bike Shop Tenant Build Out
2,824 s.f.,  Hawks Landing Cir., Verona, WI

Chocolate Shop Tenant Build Out
1,067 s.f.,  E. Johnson St., Madison, WI

Hair Salon Tenant Build Out
1,459 s.f.,  Liberty Square, Sun Prairie, WI

USA Martial Arts Tenant Build Out
1,960 s.f.,  McComb Place, Stoughton, WI

Fitness Center Tenant Build Out
4,634 s.f.,  McComb Place, Stoughton, WI

InstyCash Tenant Build Out
1,190 s.f.,  McComb Place, Stoughton, WI

Pierces Grocery Store Build Out & Addition (Shell Only)
55,910 & 6,800 s.f.,  Northside Town Center Shopping Center, Madison, WI

Retail Addition & Remodel (Shell)
5,930 & 37,668 s.f.,  Northside Town Center Shopping Center, Madison, WI

Liquor Store Addition
7,000 s.f.,  Northside Town Center Shopping Center, Madison, WI


Restaurant & Office Renovation & Addition
1,431 & 118 s.f.,  Williamson St., Madison, WI

Roly Poly Restaurant Build Out
1,435 s.f.,  Elmwood Ave., Middleton, WI

(16) Chinese Restaurant Build Outs
1,746 - 5,066 s.f.,  Various Wisc. Locations

Hotels / Motels:

104 Room Fairfield Inn Hotel w/ Pool
Construction Admin. Only,  Greenway Blvd., Middleton, WI

Recognizing trends, understanding future demands, increasing efficiency, keeping in step technologically are all necessary to a successful business. Our staff works closely with clients to understand how you want your business to function and grow. We evaluate and define your concerns and goals in an interactive process of information gathering, which serve as a framework to design a building that will increase the productivity and functionality of your business.