GO/A Architects, Inc.




The Eagle Heights Community Center Addition at UW-Madison, designed by GO/A Architects, Inc. was awarded the 1998 "Excellence In Architectural Design Award" from the State of Wisconsin. Governor Tommy Thompson presented the award to Mr. Gary Oien at the states annual award ceremony.


The T.E.C. Incubator Center, designed by GO/A Architects, Inc., received a 2002 "Projects Of Distinction Award" from the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Association.


Firm Profile

GO/A Architects, Inc. was founded in 1994 by principal Gary Oien. Mr. Oien brings more than 37 years of experience to the firm and is licensed in Wisconsin, Illinois, South Dakota and California. Besides the firm's licensed Architects it has intern Architects and consulting team members with extensive experience in design and construction services in many Senior / Assisted Living Housing, CBRF / Skilled Care Housing, Multi-Family / Condominium Housing, Office Buildings, Office Interiors / Build Outs, Shopping Center Facades, Retail Stores, Eye Clinics, Child Care Facilities, Government Renovations, University Renovations and Warehouse/R&D Buildings.


The company's primary emphasis - in addition to the expertise of its staff - is to provide clients with superior, personalized service. The principal and staff of GO/A Architects understands the importance of effective collaboration with clients. The company's working practice is to provide detailed attention to each clients particular needs. To this end, the principal actively participates in all contracted projects, thereby guaranteeing clients the highest level of expertise on jobs as well as direct, open lines of communication with the firm's management.

GO/A Architects design approach is to provide the client with an imaginative, efficient and fiscally responsible design. It begins with a mission statement of goals for each project and evolves through the design process into an individual project design philosophy. Clients have indicated that our firm provides a personal approach with a genuine ability to listen and respond to their concerns.

With most building types, flexibility is a key design goal. The physical internal environment of the building must be capable of meeting an owner's changing needs. The selection of individual building components and the integration and type of building support system is critical.

Imaginative design solutions are not a product of unlimited dollars or stylish exercises, but spring from individual project goals and budget. GO/A Architects has the talent and experience to achieve creative design and administrative success.

As Architects, we appreciate and respect an informed Owner. We have found that most Owners possess a unique knowledge of their building needs. Our firm can interpret the owner's needs into drawings and specifications that reflect their building requirements. Cooperation is essential in blending program needs and budget considerations. The relationship between the Architect and Owner should also demonstrate a cooperative team with each member bringing an expertise to the project. We believe each organization should be involved as an active participant in all phases of the project, from initial planning through design and construction to a completed facility.