GO/A Architects, Inc.


(3) 6-unit Condominium Buildings
18,149 s.f. each +Sub Garages,  Hawks Landing, Verona, WI

20-unit Apartment & Office/Retail Building
34,170 s.f.   +Sub Garage,  Hawks Landing, Verona, WI

8 & 10-unit Condominium Buildings
32,485 s.f. +Sub Garage,  Stoughton, WI

39-unit Apartment Building (Foxglove Estates)
46,930 s.f.  +Sub Garage,  Sheboygan, WI

39-unit Apartment Building (Windberry Estates)
47,630 s.f.  +Sub Garage,  Sheboygan, WI

34-unit Apartment Building
34,044 s.f.  +Sub Garage,  Madison, WI

4 to 9-unit Townhome Condominium Buildings
64,835 s.f. Total +Basements & Garages
Smiths Crossing, Sun Prairie, WI

4-unit Apartment & Office Building
12,220 s.f. +Garage,  Middleton, WI

68-unit Apartment & Retail Building
116,668 s.f. +Sub Garage,  Oshkosh, WI

72-unit Apartment Buildings
127,907 s.f. +Sub Garage,  Madison, WI

(6) 4-unit Condominium Buildings
5,000 s.f. each +Basements & Garages,
Reston Heights Dr., Madison, WI

36-unit Apartment Building (Hidden Oaks)
60,673 s.f. + Sub Garage,  Pleasant Prairie, WI

50-unit Apartment Building
67,750 s.f.,  King James Ct., Fitchburg, WI

Pool Clubhouse Building
1,800 s.f.,  Wood Creek Dr., Oak Creek, WI

Our goal is to design multi-family housing that is a unique response to the needs of our client and aesthetically appropriate to the neighborhood. This goal is balanced against the economic concern of providing the maximum number of living units. Sensitive consideration of the site and building placement, selection of building materials and support system are all carefully evaluated. The result is an imaginative, efficient and fiscally responsible design.

Multi-Family Housing